Women’s day/Aurat March

Women’s day.. international women day.. or maybe aurat March! The history of this term is long forgotten and mixed with feminism, not even feminist’s actual meaning is the same anymore. In recent years, the terms have been evolved and destructively transformed from their actual meaning and now being presented in a worse way than before.

How do we get to know about a term being used in the true sense? Literature! Yes, literature tells us the exact meaning of any term. In universities when the teacher told us to study literature, I didn’t know this would have much importance recently, because, people are following the wrong trend!

On 8th March of every year, this international women day is celebrated. This day is celebrated to boost women empowerment, to encourage women to take a step ahead in the field of progress/development/ struggle whether they are working in office/ hospital/ industry anywhere, in any occupation.

Coming to the history of women’s day, women’s day is linked with the working conditions of women in an occupational industry. Women of industry were on strike against the environment provided to them in that industry and that’s how the women’s day started and now is being celebrated almost in every country unless hit by second-wave feminism movement.

What happened to actual terms? Second-wave Feminism destroys it. The actual purpose of the feminism movement was to upgrade women’s rights/access in any aspect of society, to offer their efforts for social betterment, and in turn demanded equal benefits as men, later this term took a dangerous turn and influenced the world in a different way. Today’s women are striking for equality in any way of life.

In Pakistan, Aurat March is being held on an exchange for international women’s day. Basically, this March should be about the rights of women but somehow women of Pakistan couldn’t save themselves from the second-wave feminism movement and now demanding and marching for things to open up the Pandora box.

Our religion gives adequate rights to women, increased the status of women, which was not known before zamana jahliyat. This woman March should have concerned against the deprived rights of women which include education as an example. But liberal-feminists by their aurat march are creating problems for normal living women. All we need to understand is women and men have got their own way of doing certain things. Both are given their tasks. Both are created to perform their own functions/works specified to them. That’s how both genders are created beautifully!


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