Why Pakistan Celebrates Defence Day – Brief History Essay

Pakistan Defence Day marks on 6th September

Pakistan celebrates Defence Day every year on the 6th of September. Why this day is so important for Pakistan and Why Pakistanis celebrate it?

Let’s start with a brief introduction. Pakistan Defence Day is also known as Youm-e-Difa. We celebrate this special day on 6th September. This day can never be considered an ordinary day. We celebrate this special national day in memory of the great soldiers of Pakistan who didn’t hesitate to sacrifice their lives and save the border of Pakistan territory.

This day dates back to the 1965 war between India and Pakistan. There was no official declaration of war by the attacker country India. What happened next? Indian troops made the first movement and intruded the territories of Pakistan at night. Punjab province of Pakistan was targeted aiming that the Indian troops would have breakfast at Gymkhana Lahore in the morning. They had thought that this nation might be sleeping but to their surprise, our army was wide awake. Indian army entered through Lahore and Kasur border that joins both countries. This war is considered one of the largest tank battles after World War II.

Pakistan Army and Pakistan Air force together halted the aggressive attack by Indian troops. One of the known incidents that belonged to this day includes the shooting down of five Indian hunter aircraft by the Squadron Leader Muhammad Mahmood Alam using his F-86 Sabre. He was the single Pakistan Air Force Pilot who along with other soldiers is still remembered today for his bravery. Indian troops learned lessons a hard way although massive casualties were reported on both sides of the country.

On this day, Pakistan Army boasts and exhibits its armament including guns, military tanks, the latest missiles, and helicopters. The public is welcomed to attend this event and these parades can also be watched through national televisions. This day is started with the remembrance of Allah and prayers for the prosperity and peace of Pakistan.

Every year on this specific day documentaries and national songs are released and serials are displayed on Tv that includes the stories of Pakistani soldiers who were martyred during the 1965 war.

The reason for all this exhibition and celebration is to remind the nation that we all have responsibilities towards our country. We must remember the lesson we have got from the history of this day. Those nations cannot survive who do not know how to defend themselves. The brave army of Pakistan has proven this fact back in 1965 with a message that we can retaliate with full force against the intruders.

Our young generation who are the future of Pakistan should know the real facts and figures about how Pakistan got Independence and what is the significance of the two-nation theory. And the foremost important thing is we should remember that enemies of Pakistan are lying in ambuscade to disgrace peaceful Pakistan.

Lastly, it is necessary to mention about guard changing ceremony. This ceremony takes place at Mazar-e-Quaid located in Karachi especially on this day. In this ceremony, the Guard of Honor is presented by cadets of Pakistan Air Force Academy and new guards take their positions.

We the team of Dekhlay.com also pay tribute to our great and honorable Pakistani soldiers who destroyed the dream of our enemy to have breakfast in Lahore. Pakistan Zindabad!

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