Tips to Protect Your Children Against Harassment and Abuse.

We as humans are losing our values day by day. What happened to us and our norms? We are living a devastated life.. But why? Who is responsible for our situation? Who is responsible for this corrupt nation? Can I say We?

The heinous act of children’s harassment and abuse is in immense need of ATTENTION. The future generation is getting molested by today’s monsters. This molestation, abuse, and harassment have long-lasting effects. Some even can’t survive. We need to be active and pay attention to our surroundings for the betterment of our future generation. We must keep an eye open to our surroundings to secure our children.

Here I’ll share some tips that can be adapted to make children aware of certain circumstances so that they may able to protect themselves.

– Develop the trust of children. This is the first and foremost important thing parents can do to their children.

– Listen to every detail they say. Listen to their whole day stories. This will create a bond between children and parents.

– notice any irregular behavior or routine children adopt,

– Tell children about private part protection as soon as they start understanding words, teach them to not let anyone touch their private parts

– Teach them to not go anywhere with anyone, even with your extended family members,

– Don’t let them go to any shop/outside alone

– Be aware of their language, what they speak, where did they learn any abusive word, pay attention…

-Teach them to shout if any stranger insists them to go with him/her, also tell your children to not take anything edible/wearable from any stranger…

– Never send any message to your child through anyone even your own family members, go and ask your children by yourself that you come to take them or you are calling them

– Stay around your children, teach them to take your permission anywhere they go

One most important fact is your company as a parent- where do you take your children, how do you treat them in public, how much you listen to them, how much time you invest in their upbringing, are you doing any effort to make them aware of harassment? How they must act if they confront such a situation?
Children ask a lot of questions about anything they see, observe.. make sure you satisfy their answer without being feeling irritated. Your children are your responsibility. We can’t trust anyone in today’s world. Stay safe and keep your surroundings safe.

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