10 Best Biryani Places in Lahore

Everyone loves biryani. I said, Everyone!!! Please don’t act weird by saying that you don’t love biryani!!! Who on earth will say no to BIRYANIIIII!!! The ad of a spice company aiday wargi na koe boli nah koe zubaan..Kon mureed nhe ess daa.. Remember this? : D I find this track amazing purely made for […]

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10 most famous drinks in Pakistan for summer

most famous drinks in Pakistan for summer

Pakistan is the country famous for its drinks and food. When summer season shows its color, everyone faints, feels dizziness, sweating causes loss of important salts through your skin. In that scenario what to do? you can simply keep yourself healthy by intaking a good quantity of water or simply keep yourself hydrated. In Pakistan, […]

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