Spring festival in Lahore, Pakistan

Are you feeling bored? Don’t know what to do where to go? Read this, I’m here for a very simple solution. Spring season is the most beautiful season with a light drizzle, the fragrance of blooming flowers in the air, attractive colorful flowers, chirping of birds… all these things remind of spring. These things are often welcomed in a more festive way in cities of Pakistan.

The city of gardens as mentioned in another article- Lahore celebrates this season more fantastically. If you want to enjoy the spring season, and don’t know where to go? Well, all you need to do is book a ride to the racecourse! Yes, you read it right racecourse.

Exhibitions at Racecourse

The racecourse is one of the best places to go for spending the weekend but when it has a beautifully arranged spring festival then why we are sitting at home?

Camels are awaiting you

People who go to the racecourse for sports, boating, amusement, exercise, polo horse show, fun rides, already know about the spring festival. This festival will last till March.

Decorated Entrance of Racecource

Spring festival is being held in the racecourse and it is awesomely awesome, it even has shuttle services for people to take them to every corner of the garden.

Shuttle Service at Racecourse

There are a lot of things to see, to enjoy a fresh environment, to enjoy food, performances of the youngster and many other things. There are food stalls, children’s clothes, traditional clothes, ice cream stalls, free swings and rides, singing and dancing stage, camel ride, horse ride, bookstalls, and many more stalls of other things.

Fun Rides

Book Stalls


The racecourse is so beautifully decorated. You can see it from far distance as trees are wrapped in lights and once you see it, you would love to go inside.

Decorated Trees at Racecourse

In this hectic routine of life, everyone must make their way to recreational activities or simply go to a festival arranged by city members.

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