Pakistani Men and Their Male Chauvinistic Demands on Social Media – A Personal Experience


Male chauvinism and misogyny are not unknown things for women around the world, we (women) experience it on daily basis in different places and on different levels, but today I am going to share my experience on Twitter and the chauvinistic demands and behaviors of males on social media. I am using Twitter since 8 or 9 years, I do follow men and women both on Twitter (I will write one more article on how bitchy trolls and annoying some women are on twitter, :/ but right now I am only focusing on men!)

So I am going to share my experience in this article that how male chauvinistic and controlling UNKNOWN men can be on social media!

When I follow any new male Twitter follower, generally the first thing I get is the DM, though the kinds of DMs are different (you can call them different strategies of trying to gain attention : D) some causally ask you about your work, some are interested in discussing political, social or religious issues, while some want to offer you a job etc. Sometimes they also want clarification of my previously tweeted Tweets (as if they are going to do their research thesis on my tweets :s) and the misogynistic part is that they want an answer, they demand an answer, they push you again and again and again (this has happened with me) even if you bluntly refuse to answer them.

I experience the peak of male chauvinism when one of my very old male tweep blocked me because I refused to tell him about my personal life!

Men usually talk to women on social media very disrespectfully, even with unknown women. They would even resort to abusing and threatening and calling women names very quickly and on the smallest of matters.

The thing which hurts their manliness to the core is when you disagree with them, they don’t say it lout oud but they say it in their minds (HOW CAN YOU DISAGREE WITH ME OH YOU INFIRIOR BEING, HOW DARE YOU?)

The saddest part of all this is that they are the same men who act like real gentlemen in real life, the men we work with, or we are related to behind the social media accounts. Thus, men not only need to change this attitude on social media but also in their real lives – this world is not your property and women have an as much right as you to exist in it. The way males use social media has become a social issue that needs to be addressed.

P.S: My this article is surely not about all men, but no one will disagree with me that so many men behave like this and have much more misogynistic and male chauvinistic approach to using social media and this needs to change.

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  1. Hey AL

    Thanks for the beautiful portray of men.
    Its unfortunate you got yourself bad pick out of 50.4% the world population.
    So sad


    1. Hey, Haq.
      Thank you for proving my point that it is difficult being a woman in this world, especially one who has opinions. I hope you would read the article again and realize that it’s not anti-men, but rather a woman’s point of view.
      Kind Regards

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