Pakistan and Climate Change

Pakistan is the most unshielded country for climate change. What is climate change? It is a change in the global pattern of weather conditions. It usually involves extreme weather conditions with an increased surface temperature of the earth. Climate change is also known as global warming. The extreme climatic condition along with natural disasters creates huge problems. It causes millions of lives to suffer. Global warming is caused by the burning of fossil fuels which releases carbon dioxide. This gas with other greenhouse gases putting up the high temperature of the earth. Also, Pakistan is situated on two major tectonic plates, earthquakes are common and violent and in that scenario, earthquake effects together with worse climatic conditions are long-lasting.

Climate change is happening in Pakistan for years now. Pakistan is suffering from issues it never gets started on its own but rather other countries are increasingly contributing to climate change. Climate change is one of those issues in which Pakistan is making less than 1 % contribution in the world’s account of greenhouse gases emission.

Climate change in Pakistan involves various issues which include heavy rains, droughts, floods, disease outbreaks, siltation in dams, biodiversity loss along with other damaging effects. Some natural catastrophe linked with climate change can not be controlled but only preventive measures can be adopted.

Keeping In view The problems associated with Climate change, Pakistan’s Prime Minister Imran Khan has started billion trees Tsunami in which trees will be planted on a large acre of land. This step is being applied on various levels in Pakistan to mitigate the adverse effects of this phenomenon.

What do you think about the consequences of climate change in Pakistan? What could be a strategic view to tackle this phenomenon? Provide us with your valuable comment below.

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