Must Visit World Heritage Sites in Pakistan

Pakistan is blessed with enormous beauty. It’s fun being an adventurous person.. Isn’t it? Being a traveler, exploring the world here and there, capturing landscape beauty and storing memorable photos in digital devices, all these facts make a person full of adventure, energy, and experience.
Many of us go, visit, explore archeological sites and share our experience on social media.. telling the world our stories about how we conquered a castle! Making a plan to visit a place and then actually giving oneself surprise by completing it, is not less than conquering a castle.

Pakistan already has so many exploring places. Every province of Pakistan has various heritage places. UNESCO has marked few sites in Pakistan as world heritage sites of Pakistan. These archeological sites have their old histories. Exploring heritage sites make us ponder about the thoughts of those people present at that specific time, their way of thinking, what comes in their mind to build such monuments. Heritage sites of any place represent the cultural, social, traditional values of that place along with other aspects too.

I am not going to write long, just go through the photos and you will realize what you are missing by not visiting these places. I have listed the top world heritage sites of Pakistan here.

1- Shalamar Garden

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Situated in Lahore Punjab Pakistan

2- Lahore Fort

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Situated in Lahore, Punjab Pakistan

3- Taxila

Photo Credit: Click here
Situated in Taxila, Punjab Pakistan

4- Takht-i-Bahi & Sahr-i- Bahlol

Photo Credit: Click here
Situated in Mardan, KPK, Pakistan

5- Rohtas Fort

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Situated near Jehlum, Punjab Pakistan

6- Makli Hill

Photo Credit: Click here
Situated in Thatta, Sindh Pakistan

7- Mohenjo-Daro

Photo Credit: Click here
Situated in Larkana, Sindh Pakistan

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