Mud Volcanoes-Amazing Natural Beauty of Pakistan

Mud volcanoes’ name depicts something related to “mud and eruption”. This kind of volcanic eruption involves mud, gases, water, and slurries. This is not molten lava eruption but hot mud released from the earth.

Mud Volcano

Earth is composed of several components, sometimes it releases hot magma, molten lava, sometimes hot springs, sometimes volcanic gases as happened in geothermal energy, and most important mud volcano. After an eruption, these mud volcanoes turn into landforms and increases the natural beauty of the earth with unique features. Any natural phenomenon, not involving disaster, attracts the attention of knowledge seekers.

Like hot springs, one amazing fact to know about mud volcanoes is, some are not hot enough to cause burns rather you can sit in certain mud volcanoes of low temperature and take a mud bath. Some believe these mud baths are good for the skin because their composition is rich in natural minerals.

Pakistan is blessed with the natural beauty of the landscape. Balochistan, one of the provinces of Pakistan has natural resources of metals, elements, minerals, diverse biodiversity, breath-taking mountainous regions, and many other things. This amazingly blessed province has the world’s highest live mud volcano located in Hingol national park, almost 300 feet above sea level. Hingol is the largest national park of Pakistan situated in Lasbela, district of Balochistan.

Mud Volcano- Hingol National Park

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The mud volcanoes in Hingol national park are known as Chandragup mud volcanoes. These mud volcanoes are very important for Hindu pilgrimages. They considered these mud volcanoes, along with their religious places, as a sacred site.

Chandragup Mud Volcanoes

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Deadly mud glacier is one of the largest world mud volcanoes of Pakistan located near Uthal district of Balochistan.

Deadly mud Glacier – Uthal

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This place is very important for tourists. Exploring any place is full of adventure and how amazing it would be to see a live mud volcano!

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