List of colors you may need to wear this Summer.

Summer in Pakistan lasts longer than any other season. Hot humid season, thirsty throat, sweating and long bright/ sunny days are few characteristics of this season. Nevertheless, this season brings its own flavor. The important thing which the new season brings with itself is the variety and consciousness of clothes. Usually, summer clothes are more colorful than in other seasons. Wear bright and light color whichever you want! But everyone wants a suggestion for summer clothes.

Which new color do you need to wear in the upcoming summer? Which style do you need to opt for? Whether the clothes should be colorful or simple plain color? Lots of questions bombing in your mind. Events scheduled in summers raise too many concerns. It’s a midday event, what should exactly I wear? It’s a night event, this color is so dull for it. Confused with thoughts? Cheer up, below is a list of colors you may find interesting. You can even carry these colors in casual dresses- not too odd, nor dull. Always wear those colors which appear fresh!

1- citrine
2- turquoise
3- ultramarine
4- celadon
5- magenta
6- lilac
7- hot pink
8- crimson
9- sepia
10- plum
11- white
12- Smokey grey
13- coral
14- tangerine
15- ochre

If you find these suggestions superbly cool, please comment below.

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