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“For you a thousand times over”…
If you are a book reader, I’m sure many of you already knew about it. Even if you don’t read books you may have read this quote anywhere on social media. It is a known quote from a book in which Hazaras are mentioned. “Curiosity killed the cat” remembering that, I read the end before starting any book. The story was a bit complicated and emotional, I stopped reading it midway and it is still in my pending to read book lists. Somehow that story triggered me to search about Hazara and I found out that Pakistan has the Hazara region and migrants Hazaras, live in Quetta and some other cities of Pakistan as well.

Hazara Pakistan

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Hazara is part of KPK, province of Pakistan and this region is connected to Azad Kashmir, Gilgit Baltistan, Islamabad territory, and Indus River. The Hazara region has the most beautiful places. It has seven districts including Abbottabad, Mansehra, Haripur, Batagram, Upper Kohistan, Lower Kohistan, and Torghar.

Muskpuri Top, Abbottabad

Batagram Valley

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Abbottabad is the capital of Hazara, blessed with heavenly beauty. It is very famous for its tourism perspective. Almost every district has something worthy of attention. This place is blessed with landscape beauty such as waterfalls, lakes, lush greenery, mountainous areas. The climate of this region varies according to the location of districts. Some places usually have a wet, cool, moist, and hot environment, that describes the weather conditions of Hazara.

Sajikot Water Abbottaabad

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Some universities arrange educational tours towards Hazara, mainly Abbottabad. People of Hazara are known as “Hazaras or Azra”. Hazaras have a tribal culture and this community has rich hospitality.

Alexander the Great ruled over Hazara till 327 B.C. and later other rulers came and governed there. Muhammad Ayyub Khan was one of the Presidents of Pakistan who belonged to Hazara.

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