10 Best Chai/Tea Places in Lahore Pakistan

Chai is a beverage that is consumed in every season. You can’t say No to a chai offer. Along with other countries, chai addiction in Pakistan can be well observed. People are sitting together, discussing politics with cups of tea. Morning shows, talk shows, teacups are visible everywhere. Zinda dilan-e-Lahore city is the capital of […]

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10 Desi Chai/Tea Recipes of Pakistan

beautiful tea cup

Chai. Chaa. Chaa chuu.. These words we repeat on routine bases. Some common phrases we hear or ask: Wanna have some chaa chuu? Tea times! Chalo let’s have some tea. Let’s hang out to have some tea. Gather guests for chai. I personally believe that we Pakistani are very much addicted to chai like drug […]

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Must Visit World Heritage Sites in Pakistan

Pakistan is blessed with enormous beauty. It’s fun being an adventurous person.. Isn’t it? Being a traveler, exploring the world here and there, capturing landscape beauty and storing memorable photos in digital devices, all these facts make a person full of adventure, energy, and experience. Many of us go, visit, explore archeological sites and share […]

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Best places of Ice Cream in Karachi

Karachi Karachi Karachi.. are you also the one who repeats the name of Karachi several times? I thought I’m the only one who does so! Never mind! The city of lights (never forget the title of the city for which it is famous for- you know already? Cool!) Let me come to the straight point, […]

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Spring festival in Lahore, Pakistan

Are you feeling bored? Don’t know what to do where to go? Read this, I’m here for a very simple solution. Spring season is the most beautiful season with a light drizzle, the fragrance of blooming flowers in the air, attractive colorful flowers, chirping of birds… all these things remind of spring. These things are […]

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10 most famous drinks in Pakistan for summer

most famous drinks in Pakistan for summer

Pakistan is the country famous for its drinks and food. When summer season shows its color, everyone faints, feels dizziness, sweating causes loss of important salts through your skin. In that scenario what to do? you can simply keep yourself healthy by intaking a good quantity of water or simply keep yourself hydrated. In Pakistan, […]

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