Best Chai and Cheese Paratha in Lahore

Many of the international Vloggers who have recently visited Pakistan were going crazy about cheese paratha from a local Pakistani dhaba in Islamabad, called Quetta chai paratha. Watching these Vloggers eating this yummy cheese paratha increased my craving. But as I live in Lahore I started trying to find similar places for cheese paratha. After much research, thankfully I found one place that sells amazing and pretty inexpensive cheese parathas and now I am addicted to it.

Best Chai and Cheese Paratha in Lahore

They even have chicken cheese paratha! Now you must be craving it as much as I was, hence the Google search that took you to this specific page. You would be glad to know that the restaurant selling it is present in our very own Liberty market Lahore, just right next to Capri (Yes the famous Nashta place, which is in front our another famous Nashta place in Lahore – Bundu Khan Nashta). Back to our cheese paratha now.. The restaurant selling it is called Quetta Millat Hotel and trust me their cheese paratha and chai is VERY good – 9/10 good. So for foodie Lahoris who love cheese paratha or would like to try it for the first time should visit that place too.
And if you have already visited that place then please let us know your experience in comments below.

Best Chai and Cheese Paratha in Lahore

Specialty: Chai and cheese Paratha

Name: Quetta Millat Hotel

Address: Quetta Millat Hotel, Liberty Market Gulberg III, Lahore, Punjab 54000

Next to Capri Restaurant and Bundu khan

Price (at the time of Writing):
Cheese Paratha = around 150 PKR
Chai = around 50 PKR

Our Rating:

Cheese paratha = 8.5/10
Chicken cheese paratha = 8/10
Chai = 9/10


Best Chai and Cheese Paratha in Lahore

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