A virtual tour of Jallo Park, Lahore

Lahore is famous for its parks, also known as the city of gardens. Jallo is among those lush green parks of Lahore. You can say, it is an evergreen garden with different species of trees. But there is a zoo in Jallo too. Wild animals are timely taken care of by authorities. The public park is very beautifully mapped for things separately. The beauty of Jallo park is worth seeing. You will find yourself lost in the beauty of nature. It’s a great place for cricket lovers.

Photo Credit: Locally Lahore

The Jalloo park has different sites allocated for:

Botanical Garden

Photo Credit: Locally LahorePhoto Credit: Locally Lahore

 A recreational theme park

Photo Credit: Locally Lahore

Amusement lake for fishing along with boating.

Go karting

Butterfly House

Photo Credit: Locally Lahore

It also has restaurants, coffee shops, sports complex & swimming pool (water park)

Jalloo has tracks where early morning people go for walk, jogging, and mild exercise. There are free swings at some corners of the park. At the recreational theme parks, some swings/rides are settled and people enjoy spending their time there. Some might plan to go for a picnic there. Some people come with their vehicles to learn driving there (I’m sharing my personal experience, I went there so many times to learn driving).

There are two centers at the park for research purposes. These are the Forest Research Centre & Wildlife Breeding Center. In Jaloo, some universities hold seminars concerning environmental awareness, wildlife protection, dengue campaign, deforestation, even forest day was once celebrated there. Universities of Lahore arrange tours to Jaloo for botanists, zoologists, and environmentalists.

Jallo is very good for recreational purposes.it doesn’t matter whether you love visiting recreational parks but this place demands a must-visit.if you never been to Jallo before and making a plan to visit Jallo please make sure that you go there between 6 am to 5 pm because it has a closing time.

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