7 Cool, Easy and Quick Mocktail Drinks Recipes To Stay Hydrated This Ramadan

Remadan is a month full of blessings. It is the month in which we Muslims fast and do our best to do as many good deeds as possible to earn blessings and reward from God. Fasting purifies out soul and has also many scientifically proven health benefits. Muslims just love this month. We usually eat so many fried and unhealthy things in the iftar (YUM! PAKORAY!! 😀 Hey check out 6 Different Types Of Pakora Recipes You Must Try This Ramadan!) that it becomes important to stay hydrated during this month and also because some people find it difficult to drink lot of plain water, drinks and juices can help you get all the water your body requires and stay hydrated and this is exactly why today we are going to share some really awesome, cool and easy drinks recipes to keep yourself hydrated this Ramadan! Check them out and make sure to try them as they are really easy and quick to make. Ramadan Kareem! <3

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Mint Limeade Cooler

Mint Limeade Cooler - easy and quick drink recipe ramadan

I loved this recipe because it has one of the most refreshing (and my favourite) herb in it – MINT! Seriously, who doesn’t like mint? This refreshing drink is perfect for the iftar time because that is the time when you want to be all refreshed!

See the recipe HERE! 


Peach Flavored Perfect Lemonade

Peach Flavored Perfect Lemonade - easy and quick drink recipe ramadan

Peach season is here which means that you can get delicious fresh peaches to use in your recipes. Peach is a lovely fruit which can be used in so many different ways, one of them being used in drinks! This awesome recipe is really quick and easy to make as it takes about 10 minutes and serves about serves 6-7 people.

See the recipe HERE! 



COCONUT LAVENDER LEMONADE - easy and quick drink recipe ramadan

I personally loved this recipe as it not only looks beautiful but is really healthy too. Coconut is really healthy and lavender is really beautiful; lovely combination!

See the recipe HERE! 



SPARKLING CUCUMBER LIMEADE - easy and quick drink recipe ramadan

If you are looking for an extremely refreshing and hydrating drink for iftar time then this one is for you! It boasts all the fresh goodness of cucumbers and lime, and will definitely help you stay fresh and hydrated this ramadan!

See the recipe HERE! 



HIBISCUS ICED TEA SPARKLER - easy and quick drink recipe ramadan

Hibiscus teabags are easily available in the market which means this drink is really quick and easy to make and doesn’t require much effort; it is not only all this but is also really refreshing and healthy.

See the recipe HERE! 


Watermelon Lemonade

Watermelon Lemonade - easy and quick drink recipe ramadan

Watermelons, the most refreshing and cool fruit, is out there in the market – thanks to this awesome fruit season, which means that you should take full advantage of this hydrating fruit to stay hydrated during Ramadan. This recipe is not only delicious but also very hydrating and healthy.

See the recipe HERE! 



HONEY-SWEETENED LIMEADE WITH STRAWBERRIES AND LIME - easy and quick drink recipe ramadan

Yum! The name says it all. This recipe promises to not only be really delicious but it looks really beautiful too while at the same time being really healthy and refreshing! What more can one ask for?

See the recipe HERE! 


Do you have a Cool and Easy Drink recipe which you think everyone needs to try? Then share the recipe with us and we’ll surely include it in our list!


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