6 Different Types Of Pakora Recipes You Must Try This Ramadan

Mixed Vegetable Pakoras Recipe ramadan

The blessed month of Ramadan is here and everyone is really excited about it. It’s the most special and awaited month of the Muslim calendar and all Muslims just love this month. This is the month filled with lots of blessings and Muslims celebrate not only the Eid that comes after Ramadan but also Ramadan itself. Every culture offers different sort of “special Ramadan foods” and one of the most popular items of food in the subcontinent related to Ramadan is Pakoras! Pakoras are deep fried fritters and they are a must-have item on the iftar menu in the subcontinent. Pakoras are a specialty of Ramadan in this region. Pakoras can be of various different types and I have personally seen that almost every household has their own special kind of Pakoras which are typical to their own family and are made every year in Ramadan. If you are looking for new and different types of Pakora recipes then you are at the right place as today I am going to share a list of 6 Different Types Of Pakoras You Must Try This Ramadan. These are the recipes by some really awesome food bloggers out there that I found online and I think they are a must try for everyone. Ramadan Kareem!

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Note: All rights belong to the respective owners of these recipes – of the pictures as well as the recipes –  so don’t forget to thank them for sharing these awesome recipes with us all! 🙂 


Mixed Vegetable Pakoras Recipe by Fatima

Mixed Vegetable Pakoras Recipe ramadan

This is a brilliant recipe which is a great blend of all the right spices and vegetables for mixed vegetable pakoras. I loved that fact that she has included aubergines (eggplants) in the pakoras because I personally love its flavor and texture in crispy pakoras.

See the recipe HERE!


Vegetable Pakoras  Recipe by thismuslimgirlbakes

Vegetable Pakoras Recipe ramadan

This pakora recipe is simple yet really good and is sure to give you delicious pakoras for your iftar. Adding bicarbonate of Soda in this recipe is a very smart thing to do as it will insure that the pakoras are not dense and are really fluffy and light and crispy! Yum!

See the recipe HERE!


Chicken Pakora Recipe by Ayesha Haq

Chicken Pakora Recipe ramadan

One of my favourite chicken Pakora recipes is this one by Ayesha Haq. I found it online which searching for similar recipes. This one is my favourite because this recipe ensures that the pakoras will not only be tender but also that they’ll be really crispy on the outside – exactly what a pakora should be! Delicious, tender and crispy at the same time!

See the recipe HERE!


Pakoras: Chickpea Flour Fritters with Spinach, Red Onion, and Potatoes by Nadia of fortheloveofyum 

Pakoras Chickpea Flour Fritters with Spinach, Red Onion, and Potatoes Ramadan

What I loved about this mixed vegetable pakora recipe is the fact that Nadia has included spinach (my all time favourite vegetable in Pakoars) and that the cutting of potato has been done in thin matchstick pieces. Another thing which I loved was the use of green chillies. These pakoras will not only look amazing but will also taste amazing!

See the recipe HERE!


Egg Pakora Recipe by therecipespk.com

Egg Pakora recipe ramadan

This one was a unique recipe which I honestly had never heard of before but it is promising enough for anyone who loves eggs. Boiled eggs are not only really healthy but also taste great and this is exactly why I decided to list this recipe in our list. I am sure it will taste as good as it looks!

See the recipe HERE!


Stuffed Mushrooms (Mushroom Pakora) Recipe by Ayesha Haq

Stuffed Mushrooms (Mushroom Pakora) Recipe ramadan

Couldn’t keep myself from sharing yet another recipe from Ayesha Haq’s blog (which I suggest you all check out because the recipes there are AMAZING!)  because this one is a unique recipe which promises to be delicious. If you are a mushroom lover like me then you should definitely try this recipe. Stuffed Mushroom Pakoras! What else can one ask for?!

See the recipe HERE! 


Do you have a Pakora recipe which you think everyone needs to try? Then share the recipe with us and we’ll surely include it in our list!


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