16 Typical Pakistani Nashta / Breakfast Foods

breakfast Pakistani Halwa Puri with Chanay nashta

Pakistan is famous for many things but the one thing it is really famous for is its food and the fact how the people of Pakistan love food. Pakistanis are true foodies in all meaning of the word! Pakistan has all sorts of food places from small stalls to huge restaurants, cafes and hotels. And thanks to the cultural diversity in Pakistan you can find a thousand different types of food dishes here.

Even though all the meals of the day are extremely important but the most important one is Breakfast; or as we call it in Urdu “Nashta”. Every region has its own special breakfast items in Pakistan but some items are eaten throughout the country. And though what one eats for breakfast is solely a personal choice but some items are liked more than the others in certain regions.

So because I am myself a foodie and I love food, today I have decided to show the world what we Pakistanis eat for out breakfast and how many options we have – thanks to the diverse culture of Pakistan! I am sorry if this list makes your mouth water! 😉

Some of the most common and loved food items for breakfast/nashta in Pakistan are as below (in no specific order):

P.S: Hey Pakistanis! What do YOU have in nashta everyday, please tell us in comments! And if you think I have missed out on some important nashta item then please let me know too.


Halwa Puri with Chanay

A sweet suji ka halwa with lots of nuts in it with deep-fried puri. Yum yum!

Pakistani Halwa Puri with Chanay nashta



A slow cooked beef stew with green chilies, coriander leaves, ginger and fried onions as a garnish.

Pakistani nihari nashta

Photo Credit: Miansari66 



The slow cooked mixture of lentils and meat with garnish of green chilies, coriander leaves, ginger and fried onions is a perfect treat to start your day!

haleem pakistani nashta

Photo Credit: Miansari66


Siri Paye

The most beloved nashta for Lahoris – the “siri paye” – which literally translates into “head and feet” is exactly what it translates into! Well, it’s processed the head and feet of a goat slowly cooked into a delicious stew which is fit for a king!

Siri Paye Pakistani nashta

Photo Credit: Miansari66


Pathooray and cholay

Pathooray are small flatbreads of flour and lentils which are deep fried. These are traditionally eaten with chick peas known as cholay.

Pathooray and cholay pakistani nashta

Photo Credit: Miansari66


Naan Chanay

Naan is a oven-baked flatbread that is popular all over the world now because it is totally delicious. It’s just like pizza, only without the topping. Naan is can be eaten with various different things just like bread but its perfect match is chanay i.e. chick peas.

Naan Chanay Pakistani nashta

Photo Credit: Miansari66 


Anda Paratha

Paratha is a wheat flatbread cooked with oil or ghee and anda is egg and their combination is just perfect. Anda can be omelette or half-fried.

Anda paratha Pakistani nashta

Photo Credit: Miansari66


Chai paratha

Another awesome paratha combination is with chai (tea). What is better than salty paratha with sweet milk tea to begin your day with?

Chai paratha Pakistani nashta

Photo Credit: Asim Bijarani 


Jam and butter on toast

Easy, quick, but totally delicious. Jam and butter were made for each other.

Jam and butter on toast


Corn Flakes

Corn Flakes are quicker and easier than toast but equally delicious. Juts put some milk in a bowl (or corn flakes if you want – it doesn’t really matter), add sugar to taste and add the corn flakes and viola!

Corn Flakes


Aaloo/Qeema paratha

Aaloo wala paratha is the favourite food of half of the Pakistanis. This flatbread filled with mashed potatoes is not only delicious but really filling too!

aaloo qeema paratha pakistani nashta


Aaloo/Chicken Naan

Another flatbread made with aaloo or chicken, but this time it’s a naan!

Aaloo Chicken Naan Pakistani nashta


Bun chai

Many Pakistanis like to start their day with a simple treat: bun with chai!

bun chai Pakistani nashta breakfast


Rusk chai

While some prefer bun and chai in the morning, others go for rusk chai. The crunchy rusk and smooth sweet milk tea complement each other perfectly.

Rusk chai pakistani nashta breakfast



Phainiyan, the traditional breakfast in Ramadan, are known as vermicelli in English. Just put them in warn milk, add some sugar if you want and enjoy!

phainiyan pakistani nashta breakfast ramadan


Chicken/ Aaloo Pura

This is a puri which is filled with aaloo or chicken and then deep fried. It’s the older and fancier brother of puri.

Chicken Aaloo Pura Pakistani nashta breakfast


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