10 Types of Guests You Find in Pakistani Weddings

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There is no doubt that Pakistani weddings are one of the most fun weddings around the world! I mean, good food, family and friends and lots of fun – what else can one ask for? A wedding day is one of the most memorable and beautiful days for any couple and what makes it more amazing is the presence of all your beloved people i.e., family, relatives and friends. But there are always some typical types of people in a Pakistani wedding and these are the people who make any wedding a typical Pakistani wedding! And those typical guests include…


  1. The “I Am Only Here For The Food” People

Yes! We’ve all seen these people in weddings, the ones that are only interested in food. Well, these are the people that are usually seated near the food and are always looking at their watches and saying “khana kab khulay ga yaar?” And when they hear “khana khul gaya hai” they are the ones rushing towards the food to win the “Hunger games.”

  1. The Secret Admirer Cousin Of The Dulha/Dulhan

This bechari/bechara cousin is the one who has always been secretly in love with the groom/bride. They’ll either be very gloomy and serious or very chirpy to show it has not affected them at all while on the inside they are crying.

  1. The Troublemakers/Criticizers

Or better known as “the Phupho!” This is someone who is constantly criticizing everyone and everything – they think the dulha/dulhan isn’t good enough, the dresses aren’t good, the venue is cheap and the food is bad. They are the ones who’ll make sure they get into a fight with the other guests they don’t like and try their best (intentionally or unintentionally?) to spoil the party!

  1. The Kya-Khandaan-Main-Saray-Rishtay-Mar-Gaye-Thay-Jo-Bahir-Say-Lay-Aye? Relatives

Well, these are the relatives who are constantly complaining “khandaan say bahir shaadi akhir ki kyun?” According to them no one has the right to marry out of family if they have suitable matches in their own family!

  1. The Dulhan Ki Chulbuli Friends

These chulbuli girls are the life of the party! They are dressed as if it’s their own wedding; and they are always smiling or laughing and taking selfies/photos and are sure to get many rishta offers after the wedding from the aunties who are constantly on the lookout for a suitable girl for their sons.

  1. The Dulhay K Hero Friends

Well, to counter the pyari dulhan ki chulbuli friends there are dulhay raja kay hero friends. They are young guys who think they look like one hero or the other, and will always be seen around/near the dulha.

  1. The Naraaz Guests

These are the relatives who are angry at the hosts for one reason or the other. It maybe that they weren’t invited to the wedding as they expected (humaray ghar card lay k khud nahi aye), aren’t being treated as they expected (humain stage pay nahi bulaya!) or aren’t happy because the dulha/dulhan didn’t marry their own daughter/son. Whatever the reason maybe, they are naraaz and make it a point to tell the hosts.

  1. The Absent Guests

These are the guests that aren’t present on the wedding, which is why they are included in this list! These are the “extremely naraaz” guests – yes, a superlative of the naraaz guests! They are so naraaz that they even refuse to attend the wedding! They don’t care if it’s a happy event, they just care they are extremely naraaz! And the reason for their naraazgi can be anything and the hosts might know or might not know.

  1. The Bachay!

Yes, those annoying, boisterous, noisy, problematic hooligans who you’ll find running here and there and everywhere in the venue! They’ll be seen dancing on the stage, destroying decoration, breaking crockery….and crying as loudly as possible! The fact they are nicely dressed or that they are on a wedding doesn’t have any effect on them but I had always wondered by their parents don’t try to control them.

  1. The Genuinely-Happy-For-The-Couple People Aka The Couple’s Families

The only people who are genuinely happy for the couple are usually the couple’s very own family i.e., parents and siblings! They are the ones who would be seen running here and there giving orders to the waiters, and attending to the guests, and taking care of the gifts, and going individually to every single guest to inquire “aap nay khana to theek say kha liya na” and other such questions, and obviously not eating anything themselves because they are too busy,  as well as making sure everything is going smoothly – yet smiling all the time even though their feet and back is hurting like crazy and all they want to do is just go home and get some rest!

Bonus: The Wedding Crashers

Well, they have been added as bonus because they literally are ‘bonus!’ — an addition to guest list no one expected! And obviously an addition to the money you have to pay to the caterers! They are the people who sneak into a wedding and only there for the food, but you sadly can’t do anything about them because you don’t even know who is a real guest and who is a wedding crasher.

Do you agree or disagree with the list? Have I missed some specific kind of people found in Pakistani wedding? Please let me know in comments below!

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