10 Things Pakistani People shouldn’t do on Chaand Raat

Eid is just around the corner (Yay!) so I am sure everyone must be really excited for it. After spending the whole Ramadan fasting, Allah gives us Eid to celebrate. Another awesome celebratory night is the night before Eid, on which people try to complete their shopping and women get mehndi applied and buy churiyaan for the big day tomorrow.. But there are some things everyone should avoid during chaand raat and below is the list of such things..


1. One wheeling. Please just don’t! You are not only putting your life in danger but also of others. The last thing you want on Eid Day is an injury (or being dead…).

Motocross Drag Races
2. Harassing or catcalling Women on streets etc. Please respect other women like you would want your mother, sisters, wife or daughters to be respected by other men.

No sign

3. Entering in area where girls are buying churiyaan or getting mehndi applied. LET THEM ENJOY THEIR CHAAND RAAT IN PEACE, PLEASE!!!

4. Blocking Roads by showing your pathetic driving skills, it is not always necessary. Also, if you want to blast loud music, don’t do it on the streets!

Traffic Jam-Block Road
5. Selling things with 800% profit and looting people.

Women Shoes- Shop
6. Not giving space to families and not respecting them – the elderly, kids and women have as much right to enjoy chaand raat as you so get aside and let them have fun.

crowded rush hour people moving fast
7. Throwing garbage here and there (People shouldn’t do it anyway!).

Do not Litter -Garbage
8. Going out alone for enjoyment and leaving their families, kids and females in home. I am looking at all the men right now..please don’t deprive your families of enjoyment on this special day.

Amusement Park
9. Not helping their families in preparing eid treats and foods. Yup, less social media and more helping in the kitchen.

mortar and pestle for herbs
10. Not praying Isha. The good habits that you developed during Ramdan should be practiced after Ramadan too!

Muslim Praying in Mosque-Islam

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