10 Must-Have Things in a Desi Girls Bag

We all carry a shoulder/handbag with us. We don’t go outside without it. The varieties vary as some carry a small handbag, some carry a causal shoulder bag whereas some girls don’t even bother carrying a bag. It often shows how responsible a person is.. : D There was a time when I used to carry a few things in my bag but not necessary things. Sometimes I only carried the phone. But later I realized the importance of essential tiny things I must have in my bag…

1- Hand Sanitizer
I put it first because you can’t wash your hand anywhere in public. In your bag, this small bottle can find it’s place. You can apply it on your hand before eating anything and without leaving your chair and searching for washrooms.

2- A Hair Comb
You don’t know when you have to set your hair… In humid/windy weather we need to make a hairstyle that doesn’t ruin our looks. So keep a comb, safety pins, hairpins, and rubber bands so that you can make your hair and refresh your hairstyle anytime.

3- A Nail Cutter/Scissors/ A folding Knife
These are the important things to carry in your bag. Because when you are gossiping with your friends, you often stary shaping your hand nails. Plus scissors can be used to cut hard things (for instance a hard plastic rope/mesh) you might need a folding knife in your handbag for cutting a cake. . .

4- Tissues
You must have a packet of tissues as this is the foremost important thing on earth to carry. You don’t know when you need it. : D you go outside and sneezing start only soft tissue can comfort your nose at that moment. . . .

5- A Pencil/ Pen / Writing Pad
Always be ready to give an autograph… You may like to note down something instantly, You may need it for giving your suggestions in restaurants/hotels. It’s better to have your own pen. Sometimes it can be used for safety purposes. Remember John wick. : D

6- Bodyspray/ Pepper Spray/ Perfume
Well, we must keep a bodyspray in our bag, it might be a perfume or bodyguard pepper spray. In the case of self-defense bodyguard pepper spray might help.

7-Sanitary Pad
Every girl needs it and you must have it in your bag. Sometimes you don’t know, and periods surprise you. So yes always keep it in your bag

8-Lipgloss/ Lipstick/ Lip Balm and Kajal/ Eyeliner/ Mascara
Now the choice is yours, whichever suits you. Some like to keep a small makeup bag while some carry few important accessories including tiny jewelry. It depends on sudden plans we make to hang out with friends/colleagues.

9- Mirror
When we have lipstick, mascara, or a small makeup bag, hairbrush then definitely we need a mirror. Keep a small mirror in your bag.

10- Water bottle and Sweets
Always carry a water bottle with you and keep some sweets or snacks whatever you like.

We all have our own choices, it is primarily our priorities whatever things we like to carry with us. If you are a Desi girl and find something missing please let us know with your valuable opinion.

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