10 most famous drinks in Pakistan for summer

most famous drinks in Pakistan for summer

Pakistan is the country famous for its drinks and food. When summer season shows its color, everyone faints, feels dizziness, sweating causes loss of important salts through your skin. In that scenario what to do? you can simply keep yourself healthy by intaking a good quantity of water or simply keep yourself hydrated.

In Pakistan, the sun shines with great power and makes the environment dry unless there is rain. Sometimes it is felt that Pakistan has shifted to venus- a position closer to Sun- times during summer. Quench your thirst with drinks! Yes, yummy cold drinks which just make you feel alive and energetic.

Here I have listed the top 10 famous drinks in Pakistan which people enjoy drinking.

1- Lassi

Photo Credit: Afrazov

Top! will always top in drinks. Sometimes I wonder if there are really some people who don’t drink it? How?

2- Sekanjabeen

Every problem has a solution and solution is lemon water..

3- Rooh Afza

Photo Credit: Lemon in Ginger

Its name is enough..

4- Jam-e-sheeren

Life refreshing drink..

5- Roo

Photo Credit: Click here

Sugarcane juice- delicious..

6- Sattu

Photo Credit: Click here

Sweet cold drink..

7- Slush

Varieties of flavor- drink whichever you want..

8- Kaanji

Photo Credit: Saee Koranne-Khandekar

Black carrot juice with black pepper..

9- Dodh Soda

A mixture of milk and cold drink..

10- Imli Ka Sharbat

Photo Credit: Gourmet Gourmand

This juice with plum-just amazing

We all got our own taste buds and how we would like to spend our summer varies from person to person. Some may like lassi at first, others may like sekanjabeen instead. Some people like doing experiments with drinks for instance, adding different ingredients in the same drink. Whatever you do just make sure you are doing it right and it must be healthy. Keep your health at top of the list, always.

If you have any other drink like your favorite, please comment below.

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