10 Kinds of Uber/Careem Captain in Pakistan

If we talk about today’s era, going anywhere around the city is just a matter of minutes now. There was a time when you have to go and wait for a taxi to arrive, some fare related issues along with address awareness, you had to tell the driver that where is the location, how long you shall stay there (in some cases returning back on the same vehicle) and many other concerns.. even taxi booking tradition was not common…

wait!!! now we are in the 21st century.. now we can book a ride from our cell phone and can see the captain photo, his number, his name, and even fare rate ( which may help us whether we need to book that ride or not) some might have problem with peak rate. But it’s quite easy to go anywhere just download the app, turn on your location and pin pick up and drop off location. One advantage is your family member can track you!..

Using uber/ careem for years now, We all have confronted various types of captains.

1- Investigative
These captains are very curious “where are you going,? why are you going? Are you going for a job interview?” did you feel uncomfortable reading this? Yes?

2- Talkative
The moment you sit in a ride they start speaking and really want cooperation. Although you refuse to speak, they want to talk all the way long. Music? Ac? Should I drive fast?

3- Curious
Once I was asked why did I have a low rating? I didn’t know the captains have problems with low ratings. Never mind.., : D
are you having a discount on a fare?

4- Fast
Everyone likes fast arriving captains but sometimes we book a ride so we can get ready till the captain comes.. guess what? He is one minute away.. run run hurryyyy up..

5- Slow
Oh my God!!!! I actually have no idea why some captain drive soooo slow while they can drive at moderate speed. Inner me really want to jump off the vehicle thinking that I can cover this distance faster by walking than his driving..

6- Racer
The captain who takes congested roads as a motorway, moves from one lane to another lane wherever he finds a little space and increases the speed of the vehicle. This kind of captain makes me recite every verse I remember since childhood while praying that I may reach the destination safely.

7- Navigation Experts
These captains deserve appreciation. They already know about routes and don’t even bother asking which route to take. Just Relaaaax!

8- Rude
They don’t move an inch from a pinned location and never cooperate. Start arguing over the phone, asking for cash/credit ride. If you are late for a few minutes or make them wait they will cancel your ride. Seriously?

9- Storyteller
They tell you, where are they from? How much they are enjoying this job, for how long they have been part of this or that company, where they were working before unless the drop off location reaches.. wait!! They keep telling stories while receiving fares. : D

10- Silent
So here come silent captains, they receive booking request reply with “on the way”, arrived, start the ride and -silence-silence-silence- drop off. No question about cash or credit ride. Just silence.

In a nutshell, there are other categories of captains too. Always take out your valuable time and review the captain either with comment or rating. A valuable comment about the captain may make a ride easy for others.

If you have any weird experience, wanna share it, please comment below.

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