10 Desi Chai/Tea Recipes of Pakistan

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Chai. Chaa. Chaa chuu.. These words we repeat on routine bases. Some common phrases we hear or ask: Wanna have some chaa chuu? Tea times! Chalo let’s have some tea. Let’s hang out to have some tea. Gather guests for chai.

I personally believe that we Pakistani are very much addicted to chai like drug victims who are addicted to drugs; we are addicted to chai. We need chai like a patient needs a glucose bottle. We drink chai like water. We may forget to drink water but not chai. Morning tea, afternoon tea, after evening again tea. If you are feeling sick, tired, depressed, anxious don’t worry at all, one solution is here chaiii. Chai brings happiness. Take the first sip of chai, close your eyes, lean back and enjoy the taste of Chai..

Now the discussion does not end here as there is variety in chai too. Some drink taiz karak chai, some drink dodh pati. We all got our own taste. Some like chai with sugar whereas some like without sugar, “Meetha rok kay Patti thook kay!”

OMG,,, we are talking about an important term “chai” here, How can I forget to mention about “FANTASTIC TEA” ((((:.. Usually, We serve our “unwelcomed” guest with chai too.

I have listed 10 best tea names with amazing recipes along with photos, must enjoy with a very sharp voice of slurrrp sluuuuurrrrrpp. How can you drink chai without making Sluuuurping sound? Chai deserves respect, so a little sip of chai with a certain slurp sound is a must! Also, add your secret ingredient while trying any recipe! [:

1- Karak Chai

|Click here for recipe|

2- Masala Chai

|Click here for recipe|

3- Ilaichi Chai

|Click here for recipe|

4- Dodh Patti

|Click here for recipe|

5- Kashmiri Chai

|Click here for recipe|

6- Gurr wali Chai

|Click here for recipe|

7- Peshawari Kahva

|Click here for recipe|

8- Adrak Chai

|Click here for recipe|

9- Haldi Chai

|Click here for recipe|

10- Sabz Chai

|Click here for recipe|

Which one is your favorite? Are you amongst those who don’t drink chai? why and how?
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