10 delicious dates widely eaten in Pakistan during Ramadan

“Ahlan wa ahlan” a term used by Arabs for a very warm welcome. Thinking wide, there is one month we all Muslims desperately wait for! Which is that month? RAMADAN. So yes, Ramadan is not so far, almost around the corner- just two months left.

There are a lot of things to do in Ramadan not just fasting but also coping with daily routine while fasting is something really patience seeking. In 2020, Ramadan is expected to get started on 25 April. (Let’s see will the moon like to show itself on 25 April or not?)

Coming to the point why you are here? You are definitely here to read about really amazing and delicious varieties of dates widely eaten in Pakistan. Dates are nutritionally good for health. If you don’t want to eat much, eating one or three dates might help your body to gain healthy nutrients. Dates have immense health benefits. Here is a list of 10 dates that are easily available in store and markets.

Don’t forget to mention your favorite type of date you especially break your fast with! Have a beautifully blessed Ramadan to all of you fellows! Greet each other with a smile and say Ramadan Mubarak 🙂

Out of all varieties, the most luscious date is ajwa. If you love to eat dates, you can recognize it for sure.

After ajwa, the other date which is famous for its taste is Amber. It is dry but soft.

This date has its own kind of taste. Simply sweet.

This date is sweet and chewy. You can see this date available at the iftar table.

Iranian date is so soft, you may want to eat 2 at once.

Rabbi is soft and indescribably tasty.

This is the date we all eat randomly and most easily available everywhere in markets even after Ramadan.

Another Iranian date with very good taste.

These dates are dry but unique in taste.

This date has a nice taste, chewy but soft.

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