10 best summer vacation destinations in Pakistan

Where should I go for summer vacations?

Planning alone or with family, this is the first and foremost question that comes to our mind while thinking about where to spend summer vacations. It isn’t really easy to decide. What should you do then?

Honestly, cheer up because you are here. Simply check out this quick brief description of the beautiful ten best destinations in Pakistan.

1- Nagar valley

Photo Credit: Michelle Rousell

You may be surprised to know why I didn’t put Skardu at number one? When there is a discussion of vacations in northern areas of Pakistan we have Skardu as the first option. But hold on, Nagar valley is breathtakingly beautiful. Its beauty stuns you.

2- Skardu

Photo Credit: Erum Zehra

Let’s put Skardu at number two. Skardu indeed is the coolest place of Pakistan encompassing landscape beauty along with the pleasant climate.

3- Azad Kashmir

Photo Credit: UMAR_Mughal

Put every destination aside, let’s go for Kashmiiiiir. Yes, you read it right Kashmir. A place having heavenly beauty can never be ignored. Once you go there, you never wanna come back. That’s the beauty of Kashmir.

4- Chitral valley

Photo Credit: Sheraz Malik

A place you must visit and spend your summers there. This place holds traditional values of Chitrali people along with landscape beauty.

5- Sawat

Photo Credit: Abdullah Hashmi

Sawar has beautiful lakes. Eye-soothing places in Sawat will make your summer super amazing. The cold running water of lakes makes Sawat aesthetically pleasant.

6- Kaghan

Photo Credit: Maaz_Kalim

Note it down, Kaghan is one of the preferable places to be selected for spending summer vacations. You could have an approach to Babusar pass- a mountainous range.

7- Hunza valley

Photo Credit: Hunza

The climatic conditions of the Hunza valley make it the most favorable place to be selected as a vacation spot. It has lush green places.

8- Islamabad

Photo Credit: Faisal Shahzad

Islamabad might be known as a twin city of Rawalpindi visa versa. Geographically it’s the most outstanding place to go on vacation. (you may want to see this article about Islamabad)

9- Murree

Photo Credit: Hafsa Ahmed

How can we forget about Murree? The heart of Murree “mall road” along with chairlift. How beautiful it would be to think about your old summer vacation spots. I hope it may bring lots of memories.

10- Lahore

Photo Credit: Vibrant art

Never forget about Lahore. Lahore is never too old to assume it as a vacation hub. Lahore, the heart of Punjab, holds beautiful, enchanting, mesmerizing and thought-provoking historical places. (Also check out this article about Lahore)

If you find this article amazing and really wanna tell your ideal places to go for this summer vacation, please comment below.

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