10 Beautiful Pakistani Native Flowers to Grow in Your House

How do you feel while looking at flowers? Isn’t an instant smile you have on your face when you see flowers? For a few moments, a person is lost in the creativity of flower, in the pattern of a flower, how beautifully it is arranged.

Aesthetically, flowers and greenery make your surroundings beautiful, pleasant and relaxing. Even spending your time with a floral plant becomes interesting. For a long time, you stare at thrones and wonder about the beauty of the flower.

Some people keep fresh flowers in their rooms and some grow a small garden in their yard. I’m going to list some native flowers in Pakistan, you can grow easily at home. It is a kind of healthy activity, some people adopt it as a hobby. I find it really interesting to see a small bud then gradually a fully bloomed flower. How beautiful. Isn’t it?

I’m sure most of us have seen that video in which a small bud of flower bloom completely. Well note down this list, make an effort and decorate your house with colorful flowers. Colorful flowers attract small birds. The names and photos of each flower are listed below.

1- Narcissus -Gul-e-Nargis – گل نرگس

2- Lantana Flower – Ghaneri – گھنیری

3- Sunflower Flower – Suraj Mukhe – سورج مکھی

4- Marigold Flower – Gainda ka Phool- گیندا

5- Touch-Me-Not Flower -Gul Hina- گل حنا

6- Wild Iris Flower- Sosni – سوسنی

7- Night Jasmine Flower – Har Singhar -ہارسنگھار

8- Chinese Rose Flower – Sadabahar – سدا بہار پھول

9- Dandelion Flower – Kakronda – ککروندا

10- Milk Thistle Flower – Oont Katara – اونٹ کٹارا

Are you fond of growing flowers in your home? If you have any suggestions concerning the native flowers of Pakistan, feel free to drop a comment.

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